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November 2018 Archives

What is acute compartment syndrome?

If you have broken an arm or a leg in a workplace injury in Minnesota, you need to be on your guard for possible complications that can be at least as serious as the initial injury. Acute compartment syndrome is a potentially dangerous complication of a broken bone in the upper or lower extremities that may require emergency surgery to correct. According to WebMD, acute compartment syndrome can develop within days or even hours of the initial injury. The most common sites for compartment syndrome to develop are the arms, legs and abdomen.

Logging: One of the nation’s most dangerous professions

When you make your living as a logger, you face a level of on-the-job risk higher than that faced by workers across most other professions. In addition to regularly working in remote locations where medical care is often unavailable, the nature of your job typically requires that you work from heights, with heavy machinery and for long stretches of time.

Staying warm at work this winter

Sauk Rapids residents do not need to be told that Minnesota's winters can become extremely cold. You feel this every day during the winter season, especially if you labor in a profession that involves a lot of work outdoors (such as the construction industry). With the winter fast approaching, it is important to know not only how to protect yourself from the cold, but also what obligations your employer has to do so, as well. Many come to us here at Lindberg Law, P.C. after having suffered an injury from exposure while at work thinking that they have no legal recourse. That may not be case. 

How can employers protect workers from loud noise?

When it comes to protecting workers, Minnesota employers should not neglect the issue of workplace noise. While some jobs do not feature loud work environments, industries like construction, manufacturing and maintenance do produce a lot of noise that can damage the hearing of workers. While workplace noise can be reduced by administrative or mechanical means, it is not always possible, so employers should take steps to protect their workers.

How much risk of electrocution do you face?

If you work construction in Minnesota, no one need tell you that your various job sites are full of power tools and other electrical equipment. What you may not realize, however, is that being surrounded by electricity on a day-to-day basis puts you at high risk for receiving electrocution injuries.

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