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Construction Workers' Accidents Archives

Construction workers and traumatic brain injury

Construction workers in Minnesota and across the nation are at substantial risk for receiving a work-related traumatic brain injury because they so often must work on roofs, scaffolding, tall ladders, etc. where they are subject to falls. The Mayo Clinic defines a traumatic brain injury as one where an external mechanical force comes into contact with the head, causing brain dysfunction. A TBI usually results from a blow to the head, whether or not the object penetrates the skull.

Woman dies in work transportation accident

Family members who have loved ones employed in the construction industry in Minnesota should be able to trust that employers maintain strict safety standards on job worksites so that their relatives can be kept safe from injury when performing their jobs. This can include not only implementing safety protocols but educating all workers on those protocols and enforcing their adherence.

Pipe falls on man, kills him at job site

Minnesota residents who work in the construction industry know that theirs is a dangerous line of work. This reality is why there is so much emphasis given to safety and training around safety procedures on construction job sites. Sadly, however, accidents on construction sites can and still do happen. Even worse, construction workers continue to be seriously injured or even die in these tragic incidents.

Construction site hazards

Construction sites are deservedly known for being among the more hazardous places to work. According to OSHA, around one-fifth of worker deaths in the private sector are results of construction site accidents. While some types of accidents are unpredictable and cannot be reasonable safeguarded against, it is possible to watch out for the most common and dangerous kinds of injuries.

Contractor and subcontractor fined in fatal stadium accident

Minnesota residents employed in the construction industry know that they work in dangerous settings. From transportation accidents to equipment failures and more, there are several things that put construction workers in harm's way on a daily basis. Employers are required by law to follow specific safety rules in order to keep employees safe and protected while doing their jobs. When those rules are not followed, investigations may lead to consequences for employers.

Scissor lift safety in the construction industry

Many people in Minnesota must use scissor lifts in the course of performing their job duties. These tools can be extremely useful yet must be used properly in order to prevent accidents from happning. The Occupational Safety Health Administration provides an overview of some of the ways in which employers can help workers using scissor lifts stay safe.

Construction sites and burns: How to protect yourself

If you work on a construction site, you know that there are plenty of ways that you can get injured, and one of these ways is through an electrical burn. A number of causes can result in burns: an explosion, a live power line, faulty equipment or a sudden surge in the circuit.

The most common fatal accidents for construction workers

The construction industry is riddled with hazards. The risks construction workers face can lead to serious and even fatal injuries, begging the question why the industry isn't doing more to combat these hazards in the first place.

OSHA requirements when working near power lines

Many Minnesota residents who work in the construction industry, for utility companies and in other jobs frequently must perform their jobs in close proximity to power lines. If you are employed in such a field, you know the risks that you face when working near electrical lines. Your employer should protect you by following the safety requirements as outlined by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

How many types of cranes are used in construction?

For many Minnesota construction workers, cranes are essential pieces of equipment used to complete the building of complex projects and structures. Built on basic lever and pulley systems, cranes allow construction teams to move large, heavy items around job sites. There are many different types of cranes that may be used depending upon the terrain, the weight of items to be moved and the level of stability required.

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