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How many people are injured on the job in Minnesota?

As an employee in Minnesota, you should be able to trust that appropriate safety procedures and systems are in place to keep you safe while performing your job. However, there always exists the potential for accident to occur. Many of these incidents are legally required to be reported to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. Just how many of these accidents happen each year in Minnesota?

Worker dies during shift change accident

Jobsite accidents can happen in any industry at any time but Minnesota employees in some industries may face a higher risk of these accidents than others. Workers in the construction, industry and transportation fields are among those who routinely experience more dangerous working conditions than do office workers, for example. The heavy machinery, high platforms and even vehicles that move at high rates of speed can all open up opportunities for accidents that can cause serious injury or even death to employees.

What jobs are the most dangerous?

Being involved in an accident on the job is a logical concern for many people in Minnesota. This concern may be even greater if you work in select fields where the risk of this happening can be higher than in other fields. When a job-related accident occurs, you might experience time away from work which can reduce your income, contributing to financial challenges. If you ever die as a result of a jobsite accident, your family is left to deal with not only financial issues but emotional loss as well.

Farmer disabled and left without workers’ compensation

Most employees in Minnesota expect to receive workers’ compensation benefits if they are injured or become ill while on the job. Even if an employer carries workers’ compensation insurance, sometimes getting a claim approved can be difficult. But, for people who work in some jobs, their employers don’t even offer workers’ compensation coverage. This opens up a huge gap and exposes employees to great financial risk.

Investigating workplace injuries and illnesses

No matter how thorough a company’s safety plans and procedures are, the risk than a job-related accident can happen always exists. So too can Minnesota workers suffer illnesses related to job environments, tasks or situations. These are some of the reasons that laws exist to mandate reporting and protections for injured or ill employees. Understanding what can and should be done is important for all who work in Minnesota.

Life after a spinal cord injury at work

While many work-related accidents cause only minor injuries, far too many others leave people suffering from serious conditions. Like other Minnesota residents, you can be at risk of fatal or life-altering injuries especially when your spinal cord is involved in an accident.

What OSHA rules govern trench safety?

Construction workers and other Minnesota residents who have jobs that require some work to be done in trenches face some serious risks. Trench accidents can happen quickly and cause damaging injuries or even death. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration has developed and monitors rules for trench safety on job worksites. If you must work in or around trenches, it is very important for you to understanding what these guidelines are.

Falls primary cause of construction citations

If you work in any type of construction job in Minnesota, you are well aware of the dangers that you face every day. You may well have even witnessed a work accident at some point. What a lot of people may not realize is that many construction site accidents occur when workers are performing their regular job duties. It is not just in unusual circumstances that these things happen. A scaffolding fall, a trench collapse or even being hit by falling debris are just a few examples of situations that are common in these incidents.

What are repetitive motion disorders?

Minnesota residents who have a dangerous occupation such as construction understand that they face the everyday risk of a work accident. However, people in any type of job can suffer a work-related injury and that means even you can be impacted by an on-the-job injury or medical condition. These experiences do not always result from workplace accidents but can arise from a person performing their regular job duties.

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