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Workplace Injuries Archives

OSHA investigation launched after fatal accident

People in Minnesota who work in the construction industry know that every job site has numerous hazards, which is why there are so many strong and clear safety requirements outlined for construction companies and workers to follow. Unfortunately, there are situations when the documented safety standards are not followed and serious - or even fatal - accidents occur. According to a report in Bring Me The News, data from the Minnesota Occupational Safety and Health Administration indicates that the city of St. Paul alone has experienced four work-related deaths in 2019 so far.

What if your employer does not cooperate after an injury?

Not every injury at work requires a lawyer. One of the main benefits of the Minnesota workers' compensation system is that it allows people recompense without an involved court process that pits them against their employer. With that in mind, your application should be relatively smooth.

Understanding how to circumvent workplace risks

When people in Minnesota are interviewing for a new job, their foremost concerns are often those related to formalities. Factors such as compensation, benefits and responsibilities are discussed in detail, but many people may not immediately begin thinking about the risks of their job. However, it is critical that people are familiar with the unique risks of both their industry and their job-related duties so they can actively seek training and instruction to better protect their safety. 

Do you qualify for permanent total disability?

The purpose of workers' compensation is to help injured parties cover medical and living expenses while they recover from their injuries. Workers' compensation is not supposed to serve as a long-term source of income. However, Minnesota workers' comp law does allow harmed workers to recover permanent total disability benefits if they are never able to return to gainful employment. If your injuries have left you disabled and unable to work, you may qualify for PTD.

Tips to help prevent office injuries

While some jobs in Minnesota involve greater risk than others due to the physical demands involved, we at Lindberg Law recognize that workplace injuries can happen anywhere, in all types of workplaces. Even those who perform sedentary desk jobs are not immune; the injuries associated with them may be different yet still have the potential to prevent you from performing your job duties effectively. 

What is acute compartment syndrome?

If you have broken an arm or a leg in a workplace injury in Minnesota, you need to be on your guard for possible complications that can be at least as serious as the initial injury. Acute compartment syndrome is a potentially dangerous complication of a broken bone in the upper or lower extremities that may require emergency surgery to correct. According to WebMD, acute compartment syndrome can develop within days or even hours of the initial injury. The most common sites for compartment syndrome to develop are the arms, legs and abdomen.

What is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

When you hear about workers' compensation, horrific injuries or accidents in dangerous professions will often come to mind. However, any worker in Minnesota can suffer from workplace injuries no matter what industry you're in. Lindberg Law, P.C., is here to discuss Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, a form of repetitive stress injury.

How the U.S. Social Security Administration defines “disability”

When Minnesota residents have disabilities or suffer on-the-job injuries that are severe enough to prevent them from working, they sometimes gain access to certain forms of public assistance, among them Social Security disability benefits. Intended to help Americans who are so severely disabled that there is little hope of them improving over time, Social Security disability benefits are monthly payments that may help you make ends meet in the absence of employment. At Lindberg Law, P.C., we recognize that the U.S. Social Security Administration has a strict definition of “disability,” an we have helped many Americans who suffered injury on the job pursue solutions that meet their needs.

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