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Injuries caused by nail guns

Many Minnesota employees are required to use heavy machinery or tools while on the job. While many of these tools appear to be relatively easy to use, they can cause serious, potentially permanent injuries if they are used incorrectly or they malfunction. For example, nail guns are notorious for causing injuries, with at least two out of five apprentice carpenters suffering nail gun injuries at least once during their four years of training.

McDonald's workers file complaints of unsafe working conditions

Minnesota residents may be aware that the labor practices of many fast food corporations have been under fire recently. The Service Employees International Union has been campaigning for workers' base pay to be increased to $15 per hour, and restaurant operators have also been accused of not doing enough to ensure that their employees have a safe working environment. The matter took another turn recently when 28 complaints were filed with OSHA against McDonald's locations in 19 cities over a two-week period.

May event about fall safety in the construction industry

Those involved in the construction industry in Minnesota are encouraged to take part in the second Fall Safety Stand-Down event at the beginning of May. This effort aims to bring awareness to the dangers of falls, which cause the most deaths in the construction sector, and workers can use this event to learn about preventing fatalities and the thousands of annual injuries falls cause.

Vibrations: the cause of many workplace injuries

Many Minnesota residents are unaware of the injuries that can result from the use of impact drills, chipping hammers, sanders and other vibrating power tools. Occasional use of this type of technology does not come with many risks, but individuals who use vibrating power tools often, such as at a workplace, may be at risk for developing injuries in the arms, hands, lower back and other areas.

Other types of worker comp claims

Minnesota employees may be interested in understanding more about how some workers have successfully obtained compensation claims after getting injured while at home or off-site. Consultants in the industry claim that the virtual work sector is becoming institutionalized and appears to be a new permanent fixture in our economy. Similarly to conventional occupations, the success of telework typically hinges on mutual accountability and trust existing between the employer and employee.

Workplace safety and machines

Employees in Minnesota who work with machinery on a regular basis know how hazardous it can often be. As part of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health is engaged in research with a goal of controlling and eliminating related injuries. These injuries are often considered to be preventable if the appropriate safeguards are implemented to protect employees. Employers are expected to safeguard machine processes, parts or functions that can injure their workers.

Making a safer work environment

Workplace accidents in Minnesota can be potentially devastating experiences for those involved. In addition to whatever financial damages an organization might suffer as a consequence, the injured employee may be unable to continue generating the income he or she needs and incur significant hardship as a result. Employers may be able to reduce accidents in the workplace by more closely aligning safety standards with the demographics of their workforce.

Construction project injuries 3 workers

Three workers suffered injuries after an incident on a construction project in Minnesota. The three were rushed to the hospital, but none of the workers suffered any serious injuries. Timberwood Church is a large church in Nisswa that needed space for its parishioners. The church hired Nor-Son, Inc. to build a 21,000 foot addition that will give the church more office space and space for its congregants. Construction on the project began in July and ran smoothly until the incident, which occurred several months later.

Workplace chemical skin exposure issues

While Minnesota businesses and employees are aware of the potential problems exposure to chemicals in the workplace may cause, much of the safety focus has been on preventing inhalation of the chemicals. Almost equally important for workers is the protection against skin contact, as systemic toxicity, occupationally-related diseases, neurological disorders and other problems may result.

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