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Motor vehicle injuries on the job

Minnesota employees may find it beneficial to learn more about trends concerning motor vehicle accidents at work, as described by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. According to the CDC, the risk for these types of injuries exists in all industries where driving is involved. The employees injured in motor vehicle accidents may be professional drivers or they may only operate a vehicle as needed by the employer.

Statistics regarding the dangers of farming

According to a recent statistical report, people who work in the farming industry in Minnesota and throughout the country face more dangers leading to serious injury or death as compared to other industrial jobs. Additionally, since many farms are family-owned and -operated, those from the farmer's household who are hired are also exposed to many dangers involved in the industry.

Downward trend in workplace injuries and illnesses in 2013

Minnesota residents may view 3 million instances of workplace injury and illness as a high number, but according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, this is consistent with decreasing numbers over the last 11 years. With the exception of 2012, the previous 11 years have seen a marked decline in such incidents in spite of economic growth and activity. Experts applaud the trend while noting that there is still a need to pay attention to those who have been affected by serious workplace incidents.

Staying safe around heavy machinery

Supervisors at Minnesota construction sites can take steps to protect their workers. Heavy machinery can be particularly dangerous, but safety procedures may mitigate that danger. Training is key. Workers must know how to use equipment as well as procedures that should be followed in case of an emergency. Communication is equally important. This does not just mean communicating safety standards to workers. Communication between workers during the work day keeps the site safer as well.

Identifying the causes of workplace injuries

Minnesota employees may benefit from learning more about how to interpret data related to injured workers, as described by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. According to the standards established by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, any organization that has at least 10 employees is required to report workplace injuries. OSHA also requires employers to collect data related to near-misses and near-accidents.

Ladder safety in the workplace

Prevention is an important component of safety in the workplace. Workers in Minnesota should observe safety precautions in the workplace to avoid falls. This includes being careful while using ladders. Only ladders in compliance with standards set by the Occupational Health and Safety Administration should be used in the workplace. A fall from a ladder can result in more than just a minor injury; it could be fatal.

The risk of suffering a TBI in a workplace accident

Minnesota employees may want to reexamine whether their workplaces have adequate safety measures and protocols in place to protect against accidents resulting in catastrophic injuries. According to the Brain Injury Institute, an online database related to acquired brain injuries, many work environments present hazards to the health of workers on account of systematic carelessness and employer contempt for safety regulations. Consequent to this, employees at many worksites may run the risk of suffering a traumatic brain injury, or TBI.

What Minnesota workers can expect after a herniated lumbar disc

Herniated lumbar discs are a common source of injury that may make Minnesota workers eligible for workers' compensation. A herniated disc occurs when the hard outer shell of a spinal disc is cracked. Discs are composed of the strong outer layer as well as a watery interior that provides cushion to individual vertebrae in the spine. When the outer layer of the disc is cracked, the fluid may seep out, causing a lack of cushioning for the spine.

How workers can safely avoid musculoskeletal disorders

Minnesota residents may be interested in learning about musculoskeletal disorders, an injury that affects the tendons, muscles and nerves, and how workers can avoid the injury. According to a report issued by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, these injuries are a major reason behind employee absenteeism. Those whose jobs involve heavy lifting, pulling or pushing weighty loads, bending and performing other repetitive and strenuous movements are susceptible to the injury.

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