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What risks do farm workers face?

Do you or does someone you love work on a farm in Minnesota? If so, you know both the great joy that can come from this line of work as well as the hazards that may be faced on a daily basis. Whether work is performed on a farm that grows agriculture, raises animals or collects and processes dairy products, the number of dangers that workers encounter everyday are many. The injuries and illnesses that may arise from these dangers can leave people with lifelong problems and, in some cases, may even take their lives.

Minnesota industry to see new safety regulations

Many Minnesota residents are injured or even killed every year due to falling at work. These falls might happen from a high level down many stories or even on one level such as might happen after tripping over an obstacle. These incidents leave individuals and their families suffering needlessly as many falls are believed to be preventable.

OSHA inspections and penalties

Minnesota residents deserve to know and feel that their work environment is safe and that their employers take appropriate efforts to keep people safe. While ideally this should happen simply because it is right, there are also laws in place to help encourage this. These laws include not only guidelines as to what constitutes a safe or hazard-free environment but also what may happen if a violation of these guidelines occurs.

ISO standards for workplace safety

Regardless of what type of work you do or the nature of the environment in which you perform that work, you and all employees in Minnesota should feel confident that you are safe while you are at work. In addition to a basic human obligation to provide a safe workplace, your employer is mandated by laws surrounding workplace safety. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration develops and monitors many of these laws in the United States.

OSHA's hazardous material label requirements

Does your job find you routinely near potentially hazardous materials? Maybe you are one of the many people in Minnesota who actually must handle chemicals that may pose risks to you or those around you if appropriate safety guidelines are not followed. In situations like these, it is essential that you not only are aware that laws exist to keep you safe but what those laws are. One thing in place and monitored by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration is the requirements for labels that appear on the packages of any hazardous item

OSHA inspection priorities

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration is responsible for monitoring safety at countless businesses and jobsites in Minnesota. Inspections are a vital part of the services provided by OSHA but given the sheer number of locations and businesses it works with, OSHA must find a way to prioritize its inspection work.

Minnesota sees drop in workplace injuries

Any Minnesota resident who has ever worked in a manufacturing environment knows that accident risks can be found virtually everywhere. Safety should always be a priority among company leadership so that employees know they are working in safe environments. To facilitate that, the Minnesota department of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration offers assistance to employers.

Job-related fatalities spike from 2009 to 2015

Minnesota employees should always be able to trust that their work environments are safe. Employers are legally required to provide safe areas and promote processes and procedures that keep people free from injury while conducting their jobs. Sadly, on-the-job-accidents continue to happen and many of them claim the lives of innocent people along the way.

What are the five priorities for OHSA inspections?

Minnesota employees should always know that the law works to ensure they have safe environments in which to conduct their jobs. Part of the way that the Minnesota Occupational Safety and Health Administration helps to keep employees safe while on the job is by conducting onsite investigations. When planning these investigations, OHSA prioritizes them by grouping them into five categories.

Area contractor noted for OHSA violations

Many Minnesota and Wisconsin residents alike have been watching the progress of the St. Croix Crossing bridge. The project hit a serious challenge when it was discovered that some engineering recommendations had been disregarded. This left the contractors with a dilemma as they no longer had the ability to bring in the needed equipment to complete some of the required work on a section of the bridge referred to as Pier 4.

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