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How must employers handle toxic substances?

No matter where you work in Minnesota, if any toxic substance is present, you will want to know about it. You will also likely want to know how to keep yourself safe from any dangerous side effects that may be associated with coming into contact with the substance. These are just some of the things that the Occupational Safety and Health Administration oversees.

Safety on construction sites focus of event

Minnesota construction workers face daily dangers while performing even the most basic of their job duties. Their personal health and safety is always on the line and their family members know that the risk of losing them due to a serious work-related accident is real and ever-present. The need to ensure that all construction companies promote safety from the top down could not be more important.

Farm safety focus of new initiative

Anyone in Minnesota who either personally works on a farm or has a loved one who works on a farm knows that farming is a dangerous business. Safety is a big concern and is a growing concern, especially as the demands on farmers continue to grow. Farms big and small are pushed to increase production and decrease costs and sometimes safety may get caught in the middle, leaving innocent workers injured.

OSHA’s scaffolding requirements

Minnesota residents who are employed in jobs that require the use of scaffolding face the risk of serious injuries every day. An on the job accident that includes a fall from a scaffold or falls from ladders can leave you with with broken bones, back or spinal cord injuries and more. The Occupational Health and Safety Administration has clearly defined workplace safety regulations in place to guard against these situations.

Fall prevention on construction jobsites

Upon reporting for duty every day, construction workers in Minnesota assume serious risks. Among all risks, falls remain the most serious despite the enactment of strict federal safety regulations designed to keep workers safe. The risk of such injuries includes falls from ladders, falls from scaffolding as well as from other items or locations.

Q: What are employers' responsibilities in the workplace?

A: Minnesota residents interested in workplace safety issues may wish to know what responsibilities an employer has under the law regarding safety. Failure to adhere to these responsibilities could lead the employer to fines and other penalties as well as an unsafe workplace.

McDonald's workers file complaints of unsafe working conditions

Minnesota residents may be aware that the labor practices of many fast food corporations have been under fire recently. The Service Employees International Union has been campaigning for workers' base pay to be increased to $15 per hour, and restaurant operators have also been accused of not doing enough to ensure that their employees have a safe working environment. The matter took another turn recently when 28 complaints were filed with OSHA against McDonald's locations in 19 cities over a two-week period.

Mid-afternoon has hazards for workers

Anyone in Minnesota who has worked an office job is likely familiar with the period after lunch when it is easy to feel tired and perhaps even to accidentally fall asleep. For construction workers, this dip carries an even greater hazard as it can lead to serious injury or death; sleep and workplace safety have been found to be linked. According to the National Sleep Foundation, workers who are under substantial fatigue are 75 percent more likely to be involved in an accident and almost twice as likely to be killed on the job. When fatigue meets the mid-afternoon dip, results can be disastrous.

National stand against falls on the job

Minnesota residents who are concerned with occupational safety may have heard that the workweek that began on June 2 was designated as the National Fall Safety Stand-Down. The goal of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration-sponsored event was to get workers nationwide to talk about the potential for falls and how they can be prevented. The Labor Department estimated that about 1 million workers took an hour off for the event during the week.

How cubical life is killing our backs

Many people in Minnesota know what it is like to spend eight hours a day in a cubical. Because so many jobs are technology-driven, sitting at a desk and staring at a computer screen is how many people get their work done. Office environments that encourage employees to be sedentary all day, however, may actually be causing people serious health problems.

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