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Minnesota pawn shop robbed, and employee shot

On Behalf of | Jul 25, 2014 | Workers' Compensation |

Two men entered the Pawn America in Roseville early in the evening of July 21. One man immediately opened fire and shot a 27-year-old clerk in the leg. The wound was not life-threatening, and the clerk was transported to Regions Hospital in St. Paul. The shooter didn’t injure any of the customers in the pawnshop at the time.

While the first man was firing his gun, the second man smashed open a display case and grabbed some watches and pieces of jewelry. The two men quickly exited the building and left the area in a dark Chevrolet Cobalt.

Police were still searching for the suspects late into evening. A detailed description was not yet available the night of the robbery. Officials are asking for help from the public with identifying the car the suspects used to leave the pawnshop.

Workplace injuries can be caused by a vast number of things. Instances like this one show that an injury might not be caused by any mistake by the employer or employee, but almost any injury that happens on the job is a work-related injury. When a third party causes the injury, it is possible that a workers’ compensation claim may still help an injured worker recover their losses from medical bills and lost wages.

A lawyer can aid an injured worker through the process of negotiating a claim. The lawyer can also help the worker recover more than a simple compensation claim by helping them judge when it would be possible to file a civil suit against the third party who caused the injury.

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