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Recovering Workers’ Compensation Can Involve Many Challenges

Injured workers face many challenges on the road to recovery, not the least of which is an uphill battle toward collecting the workers’ compensation benefits they rely on. The process for filing is complex and insurance providers are not eager to pay out claims when it affects their bottom line. Getting results typically requires involvement from an experienced workers’ compensation lawyer.

At Lindberg McLaughlin, P.C., in Sauk Rapids, our entire practice is devoted to protecting injured workers and reducing obstacles in workers’ comp claims. Our attorney also work with clients throughout St. Cloud. Our team includes a talented staff of dedicated legal professionals, who carry decades of knowledge and skill in the pursuit of injury claims. Our efficient claims processes and our intimate understanding of the insurance claim landscape have earned us a reputation as one of central Minnesota’s pre-eminent law firms.

Call us to learn more about how our firm can help you recover compensation for the full scope of your financial and medical needs in an efficient and favorable manner at 800-707-8672.

Do You Know When Your Statute Of Limitations Runs Out?

One of the biggest uncertainties people face when they have suffered a workplace injury is knowing when to initially file a workers’ compensation claim. Many injured workers try to work through the pain of an injury, hoping they will recover and get back to life as usual. In most cases, this is a futile effort. The injury worsens while on-the-job performance takes a nosedive.

If you have suffered a repetitive stress or accident injury, make sure to report it to your employer as soon as possible. This gives you the best chance for tying your health care and financial needs to what happened at work. Furthermore, it helps assure your injury claim is filed within three years of the date the injury report was submitted to the Department of Labor and Industry — a crucial aspect of qualifying for workers’ compensation benefits.

Even just gathering the medical documents and details associated with a thorough and effective claim can take a long time. Make sure to discuss your legal needs with a lawyer as soon as possible. We can ease the legal burden for you while you focus on your daily needs, caring for your loved ones and, above all else, recovering the well-being you once knew.

We also help with disability benefits. Many people don’t realize they can receive benefits for both temporary and permanent injuries.

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