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Work Routines Can Cause Wear-And-Tear And Repetitive Motion Injuries

Work is a routine, and not just because you go to the same place every day. For workers in every industry, the tasks they complete every day involve the same repetitive motions to reach the same goal. Over time, this repetition results in wear and tear on the body that goes above and beyond what happens in regular life.

Whether you are a truck driver who has suffered a torn rotator cuff because of repeated gear shifting, are a retail cashier or stocker who repeatedly scans and lifts heavy items, or are an office worker who spends hours doing keyboard strokes that cause nerve damage in the wrists and hands, you could benefit from filing a workers’ compensation claim.

At Lindberg McLaughlin, P.C., repetitive stress injury attorney Jerry Lindberg provides skillful guidance and advocacy in workers’ compensation claims to people in St. Cloud and throughout Minnesota. He guides our law firm with a genuine concern for protecting injured workers and has done so for more than 30 years.

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What If There Was No Accident At Work?

Throughout history, workers have been exposed to harmful activities or elements that cause injury over time. While these injuries cannot be attributed to one specific instance of damage, they can still be attributed to workplace conditions, and are therefore grounds for filing a Minnesota workers’ compensation claim.

We handle a wide range of repetitive motion injuries, including those that involve:

What Is A Gillette-Type Injury?

In Minnesota, these repetitive stress injuries are also known as “Gillette-type injuries”, and they are grounds for filing a workers’ compensation claim. Gillette-type injury cases are uniquely challenging when compared to other workers’ comp cases because proving the injury was caused by workplace activities requires in-depth investigations of the job environment and how job duties are connected to the injury. It is crucial that you work with an experienced lawyer who can persistently and professionally pursue compensation on your behalf.

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