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Do Job Counseling, Retraining And Vocational Rehabilitation Apply In Your Case?

One of the most challenging hurdles to overcome when you have suffered a workplace injury involves returning to work. You may be trained or skilled in a specific occupation, but an injury can make it impossible to return to the position you once held. Your employer may offer retraining and informal accommodations to help you get back to work, but they are not always required to. Minnesota workers’ compensation benefits can address these needs and assist in helping you recover your health and your financial stability through vocational rehabilitation.

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Returning To Work After An Injury May Mean Retraining

The vast majority of injured workers are eager to get back to life as usual. They are not looking for an extended vacation from the job, nor do they want a windfall of income in the form of workers’ compensation benefits.

Vocational rehabilitation (also known as job counseling) is available to address this concern. A qualified individual can pursue these benefits in order to either return to work in a job related to his or her former employment, or to return to an area of work that results in a similar economic status as what he or she would have experienced without a workplace injury or disability.

When you pursue these benefits, you may have to work with a qualified rehabilitation counselor (QRC) who will help you and your employer create a retraining and rehabilitation plan, which could include modifications to job duties or training for employment in a different vocation.

Proving your eligibility for these benefits can be challenging and requires a comprehensive investigation of your medical documents and financial hardship. Make sure to work with an experienced lawyer who can make sure your claim is handled with your best interests in mind.

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