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New electrical standards highlight safety

On Behalf of | Dec 17, 2017 | Workplace Safety |

Minnesota residents who work in jobs that involve close contact with electrical lines, receptacles and more know that safety is or at least should be a top priority at all times. This is why the Occupational Safety Health Administration has created multiple sets of safety standards that relate to electricity.

Some of OSHA’s electrical safety standards are outlined for general purposes and some are detailed for specific industries or lines of work such as construction. Part of the agency’s requirement is that employees are provided proper training about how to stay safe. Employers may even request completely confidential consultations with OSHA to get help in maintaining safety or even correcting a potential concern. If a violation is noted and a citation issued, there may be a specific set of time within which corrective action must be taken.

The Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry indicates that as of July 1, 2017 the state adopted the most recent 2017 National Electrical Code and all requests for electrical permits after this date must meet these requirements.

Changes in the new code involve expanding the requirement for where tamper-resistant receptacles must be placed in offices and other buildings. There is also a new requirement for the placement of a ground fault circuit interrupter in buildings not meant for dwelling. Receptacles in garages must follow new guidelines for branch circuits. These are just some of the things that employers should be training employees about to ensure they meet all of the state and federal requirements and that people are kept safe on job sites.




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