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Can you file for workers comp for an off-the-clock injury?

On Behalf of | Sep 17, 2021 | Workers' Compensation |

Determining whether or not an employment-related injury actually happened on the job depends heavily on the details of how the injury occurred. There are claims when the employee is technically in service to the company even when their injury is not directly related to job responsibilities. Of course, many Minnesota employers will vigorously attempt to stop a workers’ compensation claim whenever they can. Here are a few examples of when an off-duty injury may be covered by workers’ compensation in Minnesota.

Work travel

One of the most common situations when an injury is covered by workers’ comp is traveling to or from work. Typically, this does not apply when a worker uses their own transportation to commute and is not technically on duty at the time of an accident. However, anytime a worker is traveling in company equipment and getting paid for travel, the claim is usually allowed.

Company functions

Many companies schedule functions and require that employees attend. When employees are required to do so, they are technically on duty. Travel to and from a mandatory event could also be covered even when the employee uses personal transportation. These claims can assuredly be contested, but the workers’ comp administrative law judges may allow the claim.

Out-of-town travel

Many employees who are company representatives are required to travel for certain company sales meetings and events. These situations can include a wide range of scenarios, but the claim can be based on the fact that the injured worker would not have been in a position to get injured were it not for company attendance requirement.

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