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October 2014 Archives

What Minnesota workers can expect after a herniated lumbar disc

Herniated lumbar discs are a common source of injury that may make Minnesota workers eligible for workers' compensation. A herniated disc occurs when the hard outer shell of a spinal disc is cracked. Discs are composed of the strong outer layer as well as a watery interior that provides cushion to individual vertebrae in the spine. When the outer layer of the disc is cracked, the fluid may seep out, causing a lack of cushioning for the spine.

How workers can safely avoid musculoskeletal disorders

Minnesota residents may be interested in learning about musculoskeletal disorders, an injury that affects the tendons, muscles and nerves, and how workers can avoid the injury. According to a report issued by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, these injuries are a major reason behind employee absenteeism. Those whose jobs involve heavy lifting, pulling or pushing weighty loads, bending and performing other repetitive and strenuous movements are susceptible to the injury.

Privacy concerns in a workers' compensation case

All Minnesota employers are required to become self-insured or obtain a workers' compensation insurance policy, according to state workers' compensation law. This system is set up to provide benefits to workers who have become ill or suffered injuries in the workplace. These benefits are provided without regard to fault on the part of either the employee or the employer.

How workers can keep safe from potential loading dock hazards

A Minnesota loading dock may not only be filled with cargo, equipment and semi-trailers but also many potential dangers. In fact, many workers are injured or killed annually in loading dock accidents. Some workers may incur spinal injuries or pain referred to as dock shock.

How often do workplace accidents occur?

Workplace accidents in Minnesota are all too common. In 2012 alone, 77,600 Minnesotans suffered injuries while on the job, and 70 people were killed in workplace accidents. While the state's statistics match national trends, workplace safety remains an important area for needed improvements.

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