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Construction worker dies in trench dug by brother

On Behalf of | Jul 7, 2015 | Construction Workers' Accidents |

It is well known that falls from scaffolding, ladders or other heights are among the biggest risks that face construction employee in Minnesota. However, these are far from the only risks posed to construction workers. An electrical accident, a forklift accident, a defective power tool accident and more can all happen on construction job sites. Upon reporting for duty each day, people in the construction industry are put into situations that can become the scene of a construction site accident.

Construction workers in many locations must also be on the lookout for situations that can leave them trapped. This includes being near moving machinery or in open trenches. A 51-year old construction worker in Minnesota recently lost his life after essentially being buried in a trench when its walls collapsed and trapped him. It took emergency crews roughly three hours to locate his body after the accident happened.

The man was working on a drain installation project at a jobsite near a new home development. The victim’s brother had actually dug the trench which was estimated to be between six and eight feet in depth. Personnel involved in workplace safety as well as local law enforcement are reported to be investigating the deadly accident. It is not known if any other people were involved or injured in the accident.

Because of the high level of danger on construction job sites, workers and their family members must always be alert. Talking to an attorney after an accident happens can be a way of obtaining some compensation.

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