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Preliminary data on workplace fatalities in Minnesota

On Behalf of | Sep 22, 2015 | Workplace Accidents |

Minnesota residents who work in dangerous jobs are constantly aware of their risk of being involved in workplace accidents. They also know that an on-the-job accident can result in a fatality. Employees and family members who live with this reality must pay special attention to laws governing workplace safety. When an unsafe working environment is noted, the dangers increase.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics is the U.S. Department of Labor agency that helps to capture and monitor ongoing data related to workplace accidents. In preparing records from 2014, the Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries has recently released some preliminary findings. Final numbers will not be available until next spring. The total number of fatalities in work-related accidents in Minnesota was lower in 2014 than 2013. However, the average number of fatalities per 100,000 workers classified as full time was the same year to year.

In 2014, 25 people died in transportation-related accidents on job sites. Another 14 lives were lost in incidents involving contact with equipment or other objects. Falls claimed the lives of nine additional people. Numbers from the Minnesota branch of OSHA, the Occupational Safety Health Administration, will be different as it does not include all of the industries covered by the CFOI. In all, a total of 62 deaths were attributed to work accidents in 2014.

People who are involved in accidents at work deserve help and compensation for their injuries and associated expenses. Talking to an attorney after these situations can be beneficial in receiving this help.

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