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November 2015 Archives

Packing machine roller kills man

Working around heavy machinery is part and parcel of a workday for employees in industrial occupations in Minnesota. That reality also means that many risks are evident on a daily basis. Even with strong safety regulations in place, on-the-job accidents can and do still happen. In lucky cases, these accidents may cause only minor injuries but there are far too many cases that are far from lucky. Many people suffer serious injuries or even die as the result of industrial accidents while at work.

What OSHA rules govern trench safety?

Construction workers and other Minnesota residents who have jobs that require some work to be done in trenches face some serious risks. Trench accidents can happen quickly and cause damaging injuries or even death. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration has developed and monitors rules for trench safety on job worksites. If you must work in or around trenches, it is very important for you to understanding what these guidelines are.

How does workers’ compensation apply to contractors?

Most people employed in Minnesota are able to file for workers’ compensation benefits if injured while on the job. These benefits are made possible by the purchase of workers’ compensation insurance by employers. The construction industry in particular makes heavy use of independent contractors and subcontractors. This can make it hard for you to understand who is responsible for providing workers’ compensation insurance for these people.

Minnesota workplace accident rate higher than nation

Workplace accidents are a serious problem and the cause of long-term injuries for many people in Minnesota. These incidents can happen in any industry and often require employees to take time away from their jobs or even have to work on a restricted basis. Every year, the Department of Labor and Industry Bureau of Labor Statistics puts together statistics about how many on-the-job accidents occur in the nation and in each state.

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