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Collapsed walls in trench claims life of man

On Behalf of | Jun 16, 2016 | Construction Workers' Accidents |

Minnesota residents who have loved ones that work in the construction industry have good reason to be extra pleased when they return home safely after a day’s work. The nature of construction job sites makes them more dangerous than many other workplaces. Construction workers face risks such as falling from great heights, electrocutions, being injured by equipment tha malfunctions or is impoperly used, and more depending upon the type of work done at a  construction site.

A construction job site in Lincoln Township in Blue Eart County was the venue for yet another accident recently. Reports do not provide too many details but what is known is that a worker was performing a task inside of a trench in the mid-afternoon on a Monday. As the first workday of the week was nearing its end, something happened that made the walls of the trench collapse in and bury the worker. According to sources, it took crews about five and a half hours to unearth the victim’s body.

It is not known exactly what type of work was being done at the site along 171st Street and County Road 30 but the company that the man worked for was based in North Dakota. It is also not known whether or not any other workers were injured or otherwise involved in the incident. No details about what may have caused the trench to give in have yet been released.

In the midst of dealing with the grief of losing a friend or family member, it may be helpful for people in Minnesota to talk to an attorney to understand if they have the ability to seek compensation for accidents like this one.



Source: Fox 9 News, “Construction worker killed in trench collapse in Blue Earth Co.,” June 13, 2016

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