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Important Measures Businesses Should Take to Improve Workplace Safety

On Behalf of | Jan 23, 2017 | Workplace Safety |

Workplace safety is a major concern, particularly in places such as factories, manufacturing plants, and mines. These industries are filled with heavy and powerful equipment that can cause gruesome injuries if not used correctly. This can lead to workers and businesses piling up expensive medical bills while having to pay other employees overtime to cover for lower staffing levels while injured workers recover.

With the goal of preventing workplace injuries in mind, what are some measures that businesses can take to maximize workplace safety?

Don’t Neglect Pre-Employment Physicals

Most businesses have pre-employment physical exams to assess the health of their overall employees before providing them with health insurance. While physicals are important for health insurance premiums, businesses should make sure that they look closely at these physical exams. There is key information that might reveal that someone has medical conditions that make them unfit for physically demanding positions.

Many people have problems with their eyesight that could prevent them from performing tasks that require attention to detail. Other employees might have back injuries that preclude them from performing heavy lifting. Every business should perform pre-employment physicals and look closely at the results. Don’t place an employee in a position they’re physically unfit for.

Train Employees Properly

Managers and supervisors should understand the importance of training programs. These aren’t simply a way for businesses to check the required boxes. These training programs should be implemented to increase workplace safety.

Mines, factories, and manufacturing plants contain sharp tools, open flames, and heavy equipment that can cause harm to the operator and everyone in the building if it’s being used by untrained hands. Require employees to go through training annually to keep the material fresh. Keep up with the latest developments in the industry. Make sure there are tests at the end to hold employees accountable for the material. These are just a few of the points regarding the importance of employee training.

Adequate Staffing Levels are the Key

It’s understandable that businesses don’t want to have extra employees on hand when they aren’t needed due to increased overhead costs; however, businesses should always make sure that they have enough employees to perform the jobs adequately. Adequate staffing levels will ensure that employees have the proper supervision when operating dangerous or heavy machinery.

Furthermore, these staffing levels mean that employees can take breaks when needed to keep their eyes fresh and their minds focused. This will prevent employees from getting tired, overlooking details, and potentially making a fatal mistake. Make sure that there are enough people to perform the necessary jobs safely.

Workplace safety is an important issue for industries that deal with physical labor and heavy machinery. Anyone who has been injured on the job should seek the advice of an experienced attorney for help paying medical bills and recovering lost wages.

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