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Pipe falls on man, kills him at job site

On Behalf of | Mar 5, 2017 | Construction Workers' Accidents |

Minnesota residents who work in the construction industry know that theirs is a dangerous line of work. This reality is why there is so much emphasis given to safety and training around safety procedures on construction job sites. Sadly, however, accidents on construction sites can and still do happen. Even worse, construction workers continue to be seriously injured or even die in these tragic incidents.

Such is the case in a recent accident that happened at a site in Edina where workers have been focused on building a causeway to replace the older Nine Mile Creek Bridge. One task to be done on a Monday afternoon was to remove some pipes from a trailer. A worker from Fulton who was 38 years old was doing just this. Somehow in the process of unloading the pipes, each of which reportedly weighed roughly 2,500 pounds, one of the pipes managed to crush the man. The weight of the pipe killed the worker.

It is not known if any other employees were involved in helping the man unload these very heavy pipes nor is it is known if any safety regulations were potentially violated. Details were also not given about how long it may have taken to get help to the location once the incident occured.

People who are involved in these types of accidents or who lose loved ones in them may find it helpful to talk with a lawyer to learn about their options for compensation. 

Source: CBS Minnesota, “Construction Worker Fatally Crushed By 2,500-Pound Metal Pipe In Edina,” Feb. 20, 2017

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