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Understanding how to circumvent workplace risks

On Behalf of | Apr 13, 2019 | Workplace Injuries |

When people in Minnesota are interviewing for a new job, their foremost concerns are often those related to formalities. Factors such as compensation, benefits and responsibilities are discussed in detail, but many people may not immediately begin thinking about the risks of their job. However, it is critical that people are familiar with the unique risks of both their industry and their job-related duties so they can actively seek training and instruction to better protect their safety. 

The Liberty Mutual Workplace Safety Index recently announced that of eight various industries ranging from health care and construction to retail and hospitality, overexertion was a reigning workplace risk across all sectors and one that could cause injury or even death in serious cases. Other common hazards included falls, roadway accidents and being struck or trapped by an object among other things. While awareness of such risks is a valuable first step, experts urge employers to understand the root causes of the risks in their workplace. Doing so can help them to develop programs designed to educate their employees on protocols to reduce their risk, optimize their work efforts and increase their overall safety. 

Several resources can be utilized in any company’s efforts to streamline their training efforts to address all areas of concern in terms of safety. They can use technology to assess how effectively safety programs are operating, as well as to provide training materials to employees. They can also implement strategic risk management methods to address the safety concerns and needs of their business and to create a customized safety program. It is critical that companies also manage their insurance and workers’ compensation benefits so they are prepared to address circumstances where an employee may need assistance in recovering from a work-related injury. 

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