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In what situation should I file a workers’ compensation claim?

On Behalf of | Nov 13, 2020 | Construction Workers' Accidents |

Getting injured in a workplace accident is stressful in many ways. You’ll go through pain and suffering, you’ll need to take rest to recover, and you’ll lose wages. No-one wants to go through this ordeal. Unfortunately, if you work as a construction worker, you’re at a much higher risk than most of the population for being injured on the job.

That’s where workers’ compensation insurance comes in. Workers’ compensation is important because it minimizes the financial impact that a work-related injury has on an employee, and helps them to move forward with their lives in a positive way.

When do workers’ comp protections kick in?

When you were subjected to medical bills

Any injury caused at work that led you to be billed for medical assistance could be covered by workers’ compensation. This could be something relatively minor such as a muscle strain, or it could be something life-altering such as a broken back.

When you had to take time off work due to stress

Work conditions that lead to mental health problems can also sometimes be claimed. You should never hesitate to seek medical attention for depressed or anxious feelings.

When an illness was caused by work conditions

Occupational illnesses are relatively common, and they can occur years after initial exposure to a toxic substance. Make sure to claim workers’ compensation regardless.

If you have suffered a mental or physical injury because of your working environment, make sure that you take swift action to claim the workers’ compensation that you deserve. If you’re having trouble with your claim or are unfairly denied, an experienced attorney can help.

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