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What happens when a construction worker suffers from carpal tunnel syndrome?

On Behalf of | May 12, 2021 | Workers' Compensation |

Construction workers place themselves at risk for many different injuries, including unexpected ones. Slips and falls or power tool disasters could prove devastating, but not surprising. Neither would long-term problems from sprains and strains. Somewhat surprisingly, Minnesota construction workers could suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome, a condition commonly associated with desk workers.

Construction work and carpal tunnel syndrome

Inside the human hand is a “passageway” known as the carpal tunnel. When the median nerve in the carpal tunnel suffers from compression, the hand or arm could become numb or weak.

Persons who spend 40 hours a week typing on a computer put themselves at risk for carpal tunnel syndrome since the hand often suffers from overwork. The same thing could happen to a construction worker.

Instances of carpal tunnel syndrome among construction workers may result from using tools and otherwise keeping the hand occupied. Continuing to work at a construction site while suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome might prove impossible.

Dealing with carpal tunnel syndrome

Treatments for carpal tunnel syndrome vary. Anti-inflammatory drugs and wrist splinting represent two nonsurgical options, although surgery might prove unavoidable for some. A doctor might make a specific recommendation after a thorough examination. Avoiding performing tasks that could make carpal tunnel syndrome worse might be necessary.

For a construction worker, routine work tasks could aggravate carpal tunnel syndrome. Taking time off from work may be unavoidable when hoping to heal up. The same would be true when recovering from a surgical procedure.

Those worried about financial matters when struggling with carpal tunnel syndrome may be able to seek worker’s compensation benefits. If the injury derives from work duties, filing a workers’ comp claim may be possible.

Applying for workers’ comp may be less stressful when an attorney handles the process. An attorney could also take steps to deal with denials, appeals, or other issues.

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