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What are common work site injury risks?

On Behalf of | Jun 11, 2021 | Construction Workers' Accidents |

Putting in a day’s work at a Minnesota job site might end up disastrous if an injury happens. Even when taking great care to perform a task, mistakes happen, and some might be severe. Other problems result from cumulative stressors. Regardless of the circumstances, a hurt employee who must take time off may need to apply for worker’s compensation benefits to avoid financial hardship.

Reasons for injuries at job sites

Whether working blue-collar or white-collar jobs, a worker could slip and fall. People could trip over virtually anything inside or outside of a worksite. Even a minor fall could lead to a broken bone, meaning potentially lengthy recovery and rehab time.

The same might be true with falling objects. Whether an employee is working in an office or a warehouse, something could fall off a shelf and hurt a worker. At a construction site, something extremely heavy might fall from a great height, increasing the chances of severe injuries and fatalities.

There may be issues with holes from open utility covers, unfinished floors and more on construction sites. Holes and imperfections may appear in parking lots or incomplete refurbished office rooms as well.

Preventive steps for reducing injuries

Management should take steps to help cut down on injury risks. Establishing rules that frown on horseplay and increasing safety training are valuable measures. While such things cannot eliminate dangers entirely, they could go far toward preventing serious injuries.

Is there a reckless employee who puts others at risk? Perhaps terminating a careless or dangerous employee might be a loss prevention step management could take. Employees injured by someone’s deliberate actions may have both a worker’s comp and negligence suit.

An attorney may help an injured worker file a workers’ compensation claim. The attorney may also lend assistance with an appeal if problems arise with the claim’s approval.

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