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Common workplace eye hazards and how to avoid them

On Behalf of | Aug 16, 2021 | Workers' Compensation |

As you already know, there are many potential hazards employees have to deal with while working, and some professions are more dangerous than others. One thing most people don’t consider before a mishap occurs is their eyes. If you want to continue working safely in Minnesota, here’s some information about job-related eye hazards and how to avoid them.

What are the main types of eye hazards?

There are more potential ways to injure your eyes at work than you might think. Your eyes can be injured by projectiles in the form of wood or metal particles. It’s also common for people to receive eye injuries from dust entering their eyes.

Another common eye hazard involves chemicals. Sometimes, chemicals can splash up into a person’s eyes. Certain chemicals are so strong that even their fumes can cause eye injuries.

People working in the health care field are also susceptible to bloodborne pathogens that can get into unprotected eyes. These pathogens can come from people with conditions including HIV and hepatitis.

In certain industries, workers can also find themselves exposed to radiation. Various types include ultraviolet radiation, heat radiation and lasers.

How to avoid eye injuries in the workplace

There are several proven ways to avoid eye injuries while working. One way to do this is by using work screens, machine guards and other controls. These safety features are available on many potentially dangerous pieces of work equipment.

Another step to take in safeguarding your eyes involves wearing eye protection. You can help ensure your eyes stay protected by using safety glasses, face shields and goggles.

Every company should have some type of eye protection in place for its employees. If not, this can lead to potential workers’ compensation claims.

Unfortunately, there are many hazards you could encounter on the job, and some of them might injure your eyes. To stay safe, it’s vital to protect your eyes properly while working.

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