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Industrial vehicle accidents could hurt workers

On Behalf of | Mar 17, 2022 | Industrial Workers' Accidents |

Most people assume that any financial compensation procured after a car accident comes from an insurance settlement or civil judgment. That is often the case, but Minnesota employees hit by a vehicle while on company time could file a workers’ compensation claim afterward. Sometimes, the accident isn’t a typical car crash, as the victim suffers injuries after colliding with an industrial vehicle.

Industrial vehicles and their dangers

An “industrial vehicle” refers to vehicles designed to perform specific tasks. People don’t drive forklifts or cranes to get from one place to another. These vehicles lift and move things, operating almost exclusively on worksites. Getting hit by an industrial vehicle is a hazard many workers face. Sometimes, the risks increase due to working in a confined space, such as a warehouse.

Remote work locations, such as construction sites, may have many industrial vehicles moving around. Distractions coming from traffic, pedestrians, and more could contribute to accidents. Hurt workers may then find themselves unable to earn their wages for some time. State workers’ compensation laws might provide a financial solution to those worried about meeting expenses while recovering.

Workers’ compensation and industrial vehicle accidents

Workers’ compensation rules in Minnesota establish “no-fault” guidelines for claims. That means negligence does not become the overarching requirement to receive a workers’ comp approval. Anyone injured on the job in an industrial vehicle accident may have a valid claim. That said, a formal process exists to file a claim. Filing timely and providing necessary documentation becomes necessary to increase the chances of approval.

While workers’ compensation laws protect an employer from a lawsuit, such protections do not extend to third parties. Anyone hurt by a third-party vehicle operator’s negligence may potentially file a lawsuit to recover further compensation.

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