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Workers worry about their safety

On Behalf of | Apr 27, 2022 | Workplace Accidents, Workplace Injuries, Workplace Safety |

No matter the job site, workers across the United States appear worried about their safety. Injuries happen at work sites, even on those jobs that don’t come with significant risks. However, concerns among those working in dangerous professions are likely understandably greater. Persons working around heavy machinery in Minnesota may see others suffer harm and begin to worry more about their potential troubles. Worries about financial losses might go hand-in-hand with those centering on pain and suffering.

Workers feel tremendous worries

The Texas-based company AlertMedia performed a study that examined worker fears about injuries. The company surveyed 2,000 workers, and 90% of respondents felt employers needed to protect employee health and safety at work and while traveling to work.

The survey focused on several critical issues related to worker concerns. Workplace violence, cybersecurity, and crime appeared in the report. Not surprisingly, 89% of workers felt workplace safety should be a top priority.

Employees could face multiple dangers at any workplace. Slip-and-fall accidents might happen anywhere. Workers might become involved in vehicle accidents while on the clock, and even remote workers could get hurt in a collision. Better training and access to well-preserved safety equipment help on many jobs, but mishaps may still occur.

Addressing the financial fallout

Workers and employers could make safety a top priority. However, eliminating all chances for injuries would seem impossible, so everyone might benefit from preparing for a disaster. The fundamental step of learning about workers’ comp may help the cause.

Workers’ compensation could help someone recovering from a job-related injury or illness. The coverage may address permanent disability or death benefits as well. Filing for workers’ comp requires taking deliberate steps, so claimants might need assistance with the process.

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