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How to avoid nursing injuries and illnesses

On Behalf of | Aug 2, 2023 | Workers' Compensation |

Hundreds of nurses are injured each year doing their job in Minnesota. The job is particularly damaging to younger and older nurses. They may face injury and illness even when following proper procedures as closely as possible. But taking a few extra steps can help protect these vital parts of the health care system from unnecessary pain and suffering.

The plight of nurses

Nursing is a particularly dangerous industry for a variety of reasons. Nurses have to take on more and more of the rigors of the healthcare system. They have to move patients, administer nearly every medical treatment those patients receive, and be familiar with a range of side effects and threats. These men and women often have to interact with patients at their most vulnerable. They could be harmed both by their work and their patients.

Common injuries and avoidance techniques

One of the most common ways that nurses injure themselves and require workers’ comp is through heavy lifting. Nurses often have to lift people, heavy machines, and even pieces of furniture. They are not always taught proper techniques or provided with the tools necessary for this kind of lifting. Nurses should always be given the time and tools to lift patients safely and carefully. They should have straps and helpers to ensure they have the support necessary for such substantial lifts throughout their working days.

Another common nurse injury results from the operations of their job. They may cut themselves on protruding metal or lacerate their skin with needles. Fluids used in the nursing profession can lead to slips and falls. Not all of these situations can be avoided completely, but checklists and proper procedures can help minimize the chances of substantial injury.

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