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Injuries suffered in machine shops

On Behalf of | Sep 29, 2023 | Workers' Compensation, Workplace Accidents |

Machine shop workers perform a variety of important tasks in various professional environments. These workers also face significant risks, as one small mistake could result in a trip to a Minnesota emergency room. There are numerous injuries a machine shop worker may suffer, with several being among the most common. Knowing which injuries occur more frequently may to prevent them.

Severe machine shop injuries

Lacerations are common, as getting cut by machinery can happen in many ways. The lacerations could be deep, requiring immediate medical care to prevent shock or death. Some injuries are so severe they result in amputations.

Crushing injuries could happen from many angles, and they may leave a worker suffering from life-threatening harm. Workers dealing with heavy objects risk having them fall on them. They could also suffer crushing caught-between injuries when dealing with machinery.

The loss of hearing and sight are possible risks machine shop workers face. Even with eye and ear protection, workers could suffer partial or total loss of hearing or sight.

Minor injuries and risks

While not as severe as the injuries listed above, repetitive stress problems and various strains could make life uncomfortable for a worker. Acute injuries might require significant recovery time before returning to work. Others may deal with chronic injuries that result from years of heavy lifting and other physical tasks. An employee might not suffer any problems for years, only to feel severe back or shoulder pain one day. Employees could seek workers’ compensation benefits if they must leave the job.

Workers’ compensation could cover short-term recoveries, permanent disabilities and death benefits. Anyone filing a workers’ comp claim may need assistance completing all the necessary steps. Otherwise, the claim could face delays or denials. Even if denied initially, a worker may appeal.

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