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Shoulder injuries at work

On Behalf of | Oct 26, 2023 | Workers' Compensation, Workplace Injuries |

The daily routine of a particular job could come with risks. Numerous Minnesota workers might find their duties put stress on their shoulders. Muscles and tendons could suffer from wear, and there’s also the danger of unexpected mishaps causing harm. Persons who suffer shoulder injuries on the job may seek workers’ compensation benefits to address financial worries when recovering.

Shoulder injuries on the job

First, it is important to stress that any workplace comes with the risk of shoulder and similar injuries. Someone could slip and fall and dislocate their shoulder on the landing. That could happen in an office, restaurant, or elsewhere. However, some particular industries and careers may present more significant risks.

Sprains, tears and strains are among the more common shoulder injuries, and they may range in severity. Acute injuries could happen, but repetitive motion injuries are also possible. Years of overworking the shoulder could have a negative effect.

Matters related to shoulder injuries

The treatment for shoulder injuries varies, as rest may be appropriate to heal one particular ailment. Other injuries could require extensive surgery. For some, the post-surgery period may result in lingering pain and other issues. Financial worries may arise over missing work while recovering. Others might experience partial or full disability depending on the injury. A successful workers’ compensation claim might help workers who are dealing with such worries.

Filing for workers’ compensation involves the timely completion of several steps. Mistakes and omissions could lead to a denial, but filing an appeal might overcome the initial adverse decision. Some workers may deal with employers who are hostile to their situation. There could be ways to deal with this situation under the law.

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