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Worker’s comp death benefits for surviving relatives in Minnesota

On Behalf of | Oct 12, 2023 | Workers' Compensation |

Minnesota laws recognize the dramatic change in the financial circumstances of families who have lost their loved ones at work. The state has multiple avenues to help these families get the necessary compensation they need to press forward, including workers’ compensation. Here’s how it works.

The surviving relatives

The 2022 Minnesota Statute Section 176.11 outlays the persons who may qualify as surviving relatives and, therefore, receive workers’ compensation benefits in case of a loved one’s death at work. These include the spouse, any children, dependent parents and other people they supported.

The benefits

Surviving spouses with no dependent children below the age of 18 can receive up to 50% of their deceased partner’s weekly earnings for ten years. This doesn’t change even if they remarry.

If the surviving spouse has dependent children, they will receive 60% of their deceased partner’s wages until their child is no longer dependent. Their benefits will reduce by 16-2/3% until the ten-year period elapses.

Orphaned children will also receive benefits, usually 55% of their deceased parent’s weekly wages for one child or 66-2/3 for two or more orphans. On the other hand, parents could get 45% (or 35% for one surviving parent) of their deceased child’s wages. However, you should note that the payout cannot exceed the amount the worker contributed for the dependent’s support.

If the deceased had no children, a surviving spouse or parents, other relatives like siblings, grandparents and grandchildren could claim 30% (or 35%, if there are two or more dependents) of the deceased’s weekly earnings. It’s important to note that these other relatives must have depended on the worker at the time of death to receive benefits.

Navigating the aftermath of a workplace loss is undoubtedly a tough and daunting journey. However, the 2022 Minnesota Statute Section 176.11 provides a structured and clear path for surviving relatives to secure financial support, easing the burden placed on them. So, if you lost your loved one at work, it’s important to be confident in pursuing workers’ compensation death benefits, knowing that the law is on your side.

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