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Vibrations: the cause of many workplace injuries

On Behalf of | Feb 18, 2015 | Workplace Accidents |

Many Minnesota residents are unaware of the injuries that can result from the use of impact drills, chipping hammers, sanders and other vibrating power tools. Occasional use of this type of technology does not come with many risks, but individuals who use vibrating power tools often, such as at a workplace, may be at risk for developing injuries in the arms, hands, lower back and other areas.

When a human body is exposed to excessive levels of vibration, the vascular system, nervous system and other important systems can be disrupted. These disruptions can cause blood cells rich in oxygen and other important nutrients to not reach their destinations, and this decreased flow can result in cell death. This helps explain why individuals who regularly use power tools commonly suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome and other ergonomic-related injuries.

Vibration injuries are categorized by the two main types of vibrations. These are known as hand-arm vibrations and whole-body vibrations. Hand-arm vibrations affect grip, dexterity and feeling, while whole-body vibrations generally affect the lower back. According to the Journal of the American Medical Association, lower back injuries are one of the most common reasons for lower production output and lost time.

Every year, workers’ comp claims are filed by individuals who were reportedly injured while on the job and want to receive compensation for medical expenses, job training and other damages related to their injuries. By working with an attorney, an individual who is suffering from a repetition injury or another kind of ailment as a result of workplace conditions may be able to increase his or her chances of receiving maximum benefits.

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