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Total temporary disability for workers’ compensation

On Behalf of | May 25, 2015 | Workers' Compensation |

A workplace accident can happen anywhere, anytime. Minnesota residents can also be subject to contracting illnesses due to environmental factors such as toxic exposure to hazardous materials. In some cases, workplace injuries develop over time when repetitive stress motions occur. Regardless of the reason, injuries or illnesses can leave an employee completely unable to work in any capacity for a given period of time. Under workers’ compensation law, this is referred to as a total temporary disability.

When a person has been determined to be totally but temporarily disabled, they can begin to receive workers’ compensation benefits two weeks after reporting to the employer. The amount paid is generally two-thirds of what a person would earn in a normal work week. After the first payment, benefits are paid on the same schedule that the person’s normal pay was paid. For example, if an employee received paychecks every other Friday, workers’ compensation would also be paid every other Friday.

There are designated minimum and maximum amounts allowed to be paid as part of the program. The Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry website also explains that the standard five-day workweek is utilized for computing benefits but can be amended in situations where employees work fewer or more days per week. Benefits for a total temporary disability can be paid for as long as 130 weeks if the employee is unable to be retrained for another position.

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