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Man remembered after death on construction site

On Behalf of | Sep 13, 2015 | Construction Workers' Accidents |

Construction site accidents are not unusual but that does not negate the depth of the impact that they can have on people in Minnesota. For victims who survive, recovering from their injuries alone can take a long time and be costly. After a fatal accident on a construction site, many people are left to grieve and figure out how to move on. This includes friends, family members and co-workers.

In the case of the recent construction worker accident at the site of the Minnesota Vikings Stadium, this can be seen. Many people are mourning yet trying to keep alive the memory of the man who gave his life in an effort to do his job. A 50-foot fall from the stadium’s roof claimed his life and injured one of his co-workers. After some time away from work, the roofing company has indicated it is time for everyone to get back to business.

As the other construction employees return to work for the subcontractor, they will arrive wearing a special decal on their hard hats. This decal is dedicated to their deceased colleague and friend. In a show of solidarity and respect, the Minnesota Vikings players also wore a sticker with the man’s initials on their helmets. Investigations into the incident will continue but, for now, the company assures everyone that the workplace is safe for all employees.

A construction accident can happen from a scaffolding fall, an electrical accident or some other factor. With the serious nature of the potential consequences, victims and family member may wish to talk to an attorney to learn how they can get help.

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