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Falls primary cause of construction citations

On Behalf of | Oct 23, 2015 | Workplace Accidents |

If you work in any type of construction job in Minnesota, you are well aware of the dangers that you face every day. You may well have even witnessed a work accident at some point. What a lot of people may not realize is that many construction site accidents occur when workers are performing their regular job duties. It is not just in unusual circumstances that these things happen. A scaffolding fall, a trench collapse or even being hit by falling debris are just a few examples of situations that are common in these incidents.

According to, OSHA investigators in Minnesota were called upon to review 27 construction site fatalities due to falls between 2010 and 2014. During this same time period, lack of proper protection against falls was the most frequently documented reason for citations being issued to construction employers.

In late August of this year, a construction employee working on the Minnesota Vikings Stadium fell 50 feet to his death. A co-worker of his was seriously injured in the same accident. It has since been discovered that these men’s employer has received a total of nine citations from the state over a five-year period. Each of these violations were noted as serious. The bulk of them related to not having sufficient fall protection in place.

The exact details about how the accident at the football stadium occurred have not yet been reported. You can learn more about workers’ compensation insurance and workplace accidents for people employed in a hazardous occupation at our job-related accident page.


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