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February 2016 Archives

What is an occupational disease?

Like most Minnesota employees, you may be aware that the state may provide workers’ compensation benefits to persons who become injured while on the job. There are also benefits available to survivors if an accident at work results in a fatality. In addition to benefits related to an injury or death, the state’s program can also provide benefits to you if you have experienced an illness connected to your employment.

Strap breaks free, dropping generator from crane

Construction workers in Connecticut and their family members know that there is always a risk that a serious accident could happen on a construction job site. That knowledge, however, does not take away from the emotional challenges that accident victims or their families must endure when a critical event actually takes place.

Farmer disabled and left without workers’ compensation

Most employees in Minnesota expect to receive workers’ compensation benefits if they are injured or become ill while on the job. Even if an employer carries workers’ compensation insurance, sometimes getting a claim approved can be difficult. But, for people who work in some jobs, their employers don’t even offer workers’ compensation coverage. This opens up a huge gap and exposes employees to great financial risk.

How does vocational rehab work in Minnesota?

If you have experienced a work-related accident or injury in Minnesota, you may be learning about various programs available to help you. For example, you may seek workers’ compensation benefits to receive financial assistance while you are unable to work. You may also wish for some help in preparing to return to work. In this situation, you may benefit from the Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry’s Vocational Rehabilitation unit services.

Understanding mesothelioma

If you are one of the many Minnesota residents who has ever worked in the construction or industrial sectors, you know that there are many risks to face. In addition to the risk of injury, there may exist the danger of contracting a serious work-related illness. One of these is mesothelioma.

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