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Safety on construction sites focus of event

On Behalf of | Mar 31, 2016 | Workplace Safety |

Minnesota construction workers face daily dangers while performing even the most basic of their job duties. Their personal health and safety is always on the line and their family members know that the risk of losing them due to a serious work-related accident is real and ever-present. The need to ensure that all construction companies promote safety from the top down could not be more important.

This fall, several groups will be coming together for two days with construction site safety in mind. The Occupational Safety Health Administration is one of the groups that will participate in the 2016 OSHA Construction Safety and Health Conference. Also joining will be representatives from regulatory bodies and notable leaders from within the construction industry.

Some of the challenges facing workers on construction sites today include tight timelines in which to complete jobs. This can increase the pressure which may lead to safety slips. There has also been a reduction in the number of workers available who are skilled in certain areas. Finding ways to effectively communicate safety protocol and information is yet another challenge facing construction employers.

Employees who work on construction job sites in Minnesota should always know that their health and safety matters. When an injury accident occurs and a safety violation may be involved, compensation can be pursued. The same is true when an accident claims the life of a worker. Talking with an attorney can help people in this situation understand how best to seek this compensation.

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