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Forklift safety tips

On Behalf of | Apr 27, 2016 | Construction Workers' Accidents |

If you or someone in your family must regularly use a forklift while at work in Minnesota, it is important to understand the safety protocols that can help to prevent an accident. Even if you do not directly use a forklift yourself but are commonly around them while at work, you should be aware of some basic safety procedures in order to stay safe while on the job.

The Occupational Safety Health Administration oversees such safety requirements. In some cases, there may be rules that are industry specific and in other cases, there may be rules that pertain to certain tasks or tools. A powered industrial truck is a type of tool used most commonly to lift, load or unload heavy items. It is also used to help move such items from one place to another on a worksite. A variety of industries and job functions utilize forklifts. Examples include airline baggage handlers, grocery warehouses or delivery workers, construction sites and more.

Some best practices that should be put in place include ensuring that all employees have proper protection in the event that items were to fall from above. Being able to turn off the motor of a forklift is also important. Safety can also be enhanced by ensuring the carrying platform is properly and securely attached to the forklift.

If you want to learn more about the types of accidents and injuries that may occur on jobsites, please feel free to visit the employee injury page of our Minnesota workers’ compensation website.


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