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Investigation launched into worker death at malt company

On Behalf of | Jan 12, 2017 | Workplace Injuries |

Minnesota residents who work at industrial sites, manufacturing plans, construction sites and other places known to have high injury risks have good reason to track workplace accidents among their peers. Sometimes learning about these incidents brings people together and can also serve as important reminders about how essential safety practices really are. These events may also provide insight into how some accidents could be avoided or what type of action should be taken after the fact.

Employees in these industries should be aware of the recent death of a man in Shakopee, a suburb of the greater Minneapolis-St. Paul area. Reports indicate a coworker found the man’s body in a grain bin an called for help. It is not known how long the man was in the bin before being found but it appears he fell into it somehow. Emergency responders were called and the man was declared dead at the site.

The man worked for the world’s largest single site malt producing facility. An investigation has been launched into the death by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. Among other things, OSHA will be trying to determine whether or not the worker was wearing a harness at the time that he slipped into the bin.

Injured employees or family members of those killed in work-related accidents deserve help. It might be beneficial for people to talk with an attorney to understand what type of help may be available to them.

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