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Minnesota sees drop in workplace injuries

On Behalf of | Feb 5, 2017 | Workplace Safety |

Any Minnesota resident who has ever worked in a manufacturing environment knows that accident risks can be found virtually everywhere. Safety should always be a priority among company leadership so that employees know they are working in safe environments. To facilitate that, the Minnesota department of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration offers assistance to employers.

Minnesota OSHA works with companies to provide confidential safety inspections at no cost to the employers. These inspections can help companies identify potential dangers and develop plans for improving workplace safety. In 2016 alone, 700 such consultations were conducted across the state. Employers may also request grant money from Minnesota OSHA for help in funding improvements that may boost safety for their employees.

Safety Council data shows the state has seen a significant drop in the number of injuries at work between 2005 and 2015 from 104,100 to 75,000. In 2016, 74 people died in work-related accidents in Minnesota. Out of the 2016 deaths that happened in the state, 17 percent were within the manufacturing sector. Problems with equipment, overexertion, slipping or falling were the most commonly noted factors in those incidents. Also last year, 35,500 people were injured to the point of requiring new job duties or missed time from their jobs.

While it is positive news that the number of injuries at work has declined, the need to improve safety remains. People who are injured on the job may want to talk with an attorney to learn about their options for compensation.

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