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What are common hazards when working with power tools?

On Behalf of | Jun 29, 2018 | Construction Workers' Accidents |

As a construction worker in Minnesota, you must be prepared to handle different types of electrical hazards. Some of the most dangerous hazards come from electric power tools, which can cause a lot of problems if they aren’t properly maintained or if they’re defective.

If you take a look at what the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) say, power tools can pose many hazards to the workers that use them frequently. Though there are plenty of safety measures in place to limit the possibility of accidents, they can and do still happen.

For example, wiring can fray, especially if the cord is yanked or tugged frequently. The insulation around the wires can begin to break down as well. In these situations, it’s easy for someone to potentially electrocute themselves on the exposed wiring, or for an electrical shortage to cause a fire.

Using power tools without the proper preparation can also be damaging. You should always abide by safety instructions, including wearing gloves or goggles if necessary. Make sure to read all manuals before use and not deviate from them. These warnings are in place for a reason and even fully functional tools can cause injury if used improperly.

Tools that are damaged or defunct in some way, on the other hand, can pose a threat no matter how well you handle them. They can cause scrapes, scratches, cuts, burns, or worse. If you have been injured by a power tool in your place of work, you may wish to contact an attorney to see what your compensation options are.

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