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What are unexpected risks leading to job injuries?

On Behalf of | Feb 8, 2019 | Workplace Injuries |

Minnesota residents like you work a variety of jobs. Lindberg Law, P.C., understand that the type of job you hold doesn’t necessarily dictate how safe you will be from mishaps at the workplace. In fact, unexpected risks can be present anywhere a person works.

Unexpected risks at the workplace are usually caused by either people, or objects. When it comes to people, the “unexpected” factor shines through. It can be difficult to predict the movement of other employees. Many incidents occur because there isn’t enough communication between two parties, and one ends up accidentally harming the other. This is more common in work zones where people are in close quarters with each other.

As far as objects go, this covers a wide variety of issues that includes, but is not limited to:

  • Malfunctioning electronics
  • Obstacles on the floor
  • Poorly maintained safety equipment
  • Out of date equipment
  • Items with sharp edges
  • Areas that aren’t properly warned for, like wet floors

Other harmful risks that you may not expect include the things your building is made from. You can suffer from asbestos side-effects, or even be exposed to harmful chemicals and harsh, toxic fumes that can lead to various health problems both now and later in life.

Have you been harmed in an incident while on the job? You can take a look at our web page on workplace related injuries if you want to learn more about what to expect, what your compensation options might be, and how the future after an accident can look.

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