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Disregarding safety procedures can injure others

On Behalf of | Jun 3, 2019 | Workplace Safety |

Construction workers know that the safety standards they learned during their training are vital in keeping them and their associates safe. Construction is one of the most dangerous industries in Minnesota, as well as the rest of the country. If a safety procedure is ignored or done improperly, it is not only construction workers who can be endangered. Innocent bystanders can be hurt or killed as well.

Construction cranes are part of the skyline in many urban areas. They are a common element when buildings are under construction, and they generally pose little danger when safety procedures are observed during their erection and dismantlement. As safety experts explain, safety pins hold each section of these extremely tall structures secure, even in high winds.

However, according to the Seattle Times, it may have been a common yet unsafe practice in the construction industry that led to a construction crane in Seattle, Washington, recently collapsing. Four people were killed in the accident, including two workers and two pedestrians. Reportedly, safety experts analyzed a dashboard camera video that recorded the accident. They surmised that workers had removed all the safety pins at once to dismantle the crane, instead of the recommended one section at a time. When all the pins are removed, it saves time, but it can also make a crane unstable and prone to collapse.

Construction companies should ensure their workers follow safety procedures, regardless of saving time or money. Negligent companies may be held responsible for compensating injured parties after an accident.

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