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How do forklift incidents happen?

On Behalf of | Jun 13, 2019 | Construction Workers' Accidents |

Minnesota construction workers like you are surrounded by equipment and machinery that can harm you if it isn’t maintained and used properly. Today, Lindberg Law, P.C., will take a look at the dangers that forklifts in particular may present.

First of note is the fact that both the forklift itself and the items it is carrying can cause injury. A forklift is an extremely heavy piece of machinery, even if it moves at relatively slow speeds most of the time. Additionally, due to its purpose, it is often carrying heavy loads. Being hit – or even run over – by something so heavy can cause immense and even deadly damage. Visibility and clarity of vision are the two factors that contribute to this risk the most. The drivers should have a clear path of vision, and other workers should be wearing visibility attire.

Forklift turnovers are another risk, and are usually the result of a forklift being loaded improperly. This again not only puts the driver in harm’s way, but anyone nearby, too. If a forklift tips over, it could easily hit or pin anyone too close. The driver may also end up pinned within or outside of the vehicle. Crush damage can swiftly follow, along with broken bones, fractures, and pressure wounds.

Have you suffered from an injury due to an accident with a forklift? You can take a look at our webpage on accidents in construction zones, linked here, for more information on what to do in the aftermath of an incident. This is especially relevant if you are going to try to gain compensation for your injuries.

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