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Factory workers are vulnerable to these 4 eye injuries

On Behalf of | May 13, 2020 | Workplace Injuries |

Whether you assemble a product, repair equipment or package inventory, you play an important role in the factory where you work. Regardless of your job duties, your eyes are likely essential for performing them. Regrettably, though, roughly 2,000 individuals injure their eyes at work every single day.

If you work in a factory, you must take steps to protect your eyes. You should also understand how eye injuries occur. Here are four eye injuries you may sustain when performing your factory job duties.

1. Traumatic injuries

Factory workers are vulnerable to two types of traumatic eye injuries. First, a projectile may enter the eye, causing a tear to its outer layer. Embedded projectiles may also cause inflammation, irritation or long-term problems. Additionally, factory workers may sustain blunt-force trauma to their eyes. This happens when an object strikes the eye.

2. Ultraviolet exposure

Whether working outdoors or inside, factory workers may encounter UV light. Depending on its intensity, this light can damage eyes immediately or over time. Occupational exposure to both natural and artificial UV light may cause eye cancer, cataracts or other significant vision-related impairments.

3. Burns

Factory work often requires handling chemicals. If an acidic or alkaline chemical enters the eye, it may cause a serious chemical burn. Hot projectiles, such as welding particles, may also burn eyes. Similarly, hot liquids and superheated gases can result in life-altering eye injuries.

4. Allergic reactions

From raw materials to packing products, factories are full of potential allergens. Regrettably, factory workers may not realize they have an allergy until after they have developed eye swelling, discharge or irritation. If a worker does not seek medical treatment for serious allergic reactions, his or her eyes may sustain long-term damage.

Your eyes are not only essential for performing your job duties, but they also play a vital role in every part of your life. Accordingly, if you sustain an eye injury at work, you must act diligently to boost your odds of recovering completely.

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