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What counts as an on-the-job injury?

On Behalf of | Sep 4, 2020 | Workplace Injuries |

If you were injured in the workplace, it’s likely that you will have suffered not only physically but financially as well. You’ll probably have lost wages as the result of needing to take time off to recover, and you may have also incurred child care costs as a result of being unable to look after your children. It’s likely that you also had to pay medical bills as the result of needing to gain treatment.

If you were injured while working, you’ll probably be entitled to receive workers’ compensation to cover these out-of-pocket expenses. However, you will need to show that you were engaging in work-related activities to successfully gain this compensation.

The following is an overview of what counts as a work-related activity under workers’ compensation law.

What is considered to be a work-related injury under workers’ compensation law?

Under workers’ compensation law, a work-related injury is one that happened when you were fulfilling the duties of your job. This could be a car accident that you were involved in while delivering a package on behalf of your employer, or it could be a back strain that you acquired when working at your desk job.

You should be able to show that the injury would not have occurred if you were not fulfilling the duties of your job and that you did not acquire the injury through foolish behavior or horseplay.

If you were injured in the workplace, it is important that you take swift action to understand the law and to gain the financial compensation that you deserve.

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