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Understanding the dangers posed by cranes

On Behalf of | Oct 1, 2020 | Construction Workers' Accidents |

If you work in the construction industry, you likely work with cranes occasionally. Cranes offer a relatively safe way to carry heavy materials at a significant height. While using the equipment tends to be safer than manual labor, there are still several dangers that can present themselves.

You need to be aware of the dangers of cranes before working with them. Your employer has the responsibility to inform you of the safety regulations in place, provide you with the appropriate safety equipment, and to give you adequate information on your workers’ compensation rights.

What are some of the biggest dangers posed by cranes?

Mechanical failure

Mechanical failures can occur on any piece of equipment from time to time. This can lead to dropping heavy loads, which could cause a serious injury. Mechanical failures are best avoided by conducting regular inspections on equipment.

Slipping material

If loads are not properly secured, they can slip and fall. Therefore it’s vital that extra care is taken to ensure that loads are not too heavy or not adequately secured.

Operator incompetency

Incompetent operators are perhaps the biggest safety risk to crane operations. However, an injured worker can claim workers’ compensation even if they were injured due to their own incompetence. They can claim workers’ compensation regardless of fault, as long as they were engaging in a work-related activity.

If you have been injured by a crane while in the workplace, take action to file for workers’ compensation. Doing so could help you regain the costs of medical care and reimburse you for some of the wages you lost.

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