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Can you get lost wages from filing a workers’ comp claim?

On Behalf of | Feb 25, 2021 | Workers' Compensation |

Minnesota employees may have legitimate fears about getting hurt on the job. Employees unable to work might suffer financial hardships while recovering from their injuries. Thankfully, Minnesota offers a no-fault workers’ compensation system that allows workers to seek benefits. The benefits available include lost wages.

Entitlement to lost wages in Minnesota

In Minnesota, workers’ compensation provides insurance coverage for lost wages, vocational rehabilitation and medical treatments. The process does involve following rules set by state statute. For example, the worker won’t receive a payment for three calendar days of lost work following the injury.

The employee’s medical evaluation must show that he or she suffered an injury that made it impossible to go to work. The employee may seek temporary total disability or temporary partial disability payments based on the circumstances. With temporary total disability, the employee cannot work and may collect two-thirds of their normal salary. Temporary partial disability involves someone returning to work and earning less money due to reduced capabilities. That worker may receive two-thirds of the difference in pay.

With temporary claims, the number of weeks a worker may collect comes with a cap. Temporary total disability payments could last a maximum of 130 weeks while partial disability payments might last upwards of 225 weeks.

More severe worker injuries

Unfortunately, some workers find themselves severely injured and unable to work permanently. Permanent total and permanent partial disability claims come into effect here. Such claims may run until the worker reaches the “maximum medical improvement” stage of recovery.

In the gravest extreme, a worker might die from a work-related incident. In this case, the deceased’s dependents could file a claim for benefits.

Addressing legal challenges

Not all workers’ compensation claims end up moving forward without troubles. An employer might challenge a worker’s claims about being injured on the job, or there might be a dispute about the medical assessment. A worker could seek assistance from an attorney when facing such problems.

Minnesota’s workers’ comp laws provide protections to employees who suffer unexpected accidents or other issues. Workers finding it difficult to pursue their claims may want to speak with an attorney capable of assisting them.

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