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Does Amazon provide an unsafe warehouse work environment?

On Behalf of | Jul 7, 2021 | Workers' Compensation |

Amazon packages arrive via truck, and delivery drivers deserve credit for helping get packages to where they need to go. Warehouse workers might not always receive credit for their role in the process. Loading and unloading cargo occur routinely at Minnesota locations, and the workers often face injury risks. Reports suggest that Amazon warehouses could be more dangerous than the public realizes.

Amazon warehouse worries

The Strategic Organizing Center (SOC) produced a report that blistered working conditions at Amazon’s warehouses. The report noted serious health and safety concerns, suggesting Amazon’s workers suffered a more significant number of injuries than others in the warehouse and shipping industries.

The report opines that Amazon’s corporate policy for speed and productivity is potentially contributing to increased injuries. Seemingly, if workers focus on speeding up the job to get packages out on time, attention may drift away from safety.

Distractions and rushing through the job

Distractions don’t help people working in warehouses or industrial settings. Moving so quickly that eyes and ears drift away from safety concerns might lead to an accident and a workers’ compensation claim. Picking up a heavy package too furiously might result in a back injury.

For example, someone rushing to carry cargo to a drop-off location might not notice a wet floor and could slip. Forklift drivers may crash into fellow employees when they direct even a small amount of concentration away from the vehicle.

Various other hazards exist in a warehouse setting, including falling objects, third-party truck drivers not familiar with the parking lot, and possible exposure to hazardous materials.

The resulting injuries could leave someone out of work for months. Even a short recovery time might have financial consequences, though.

An attorney may help a worker deal with an initial worker’s comp claim or an appeal. The attorney might advise on further civil litigation, if applicable.

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